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Cirtus Caviar? OH YES.

Stuffed Morels, Thyme Air, Port Gel, Oak Moss Dry Ice Vapor? Critus Caviar? We are huge fans of molecular gastronomy here at Vapor World, and we just stumbled on the peeps over at who have a little molecluar gastronomy that

Easy Star All-Stars

We haven't met the All-Stars yet, but we're pretty sure every single note of the 'Dubber Side of the Moon' is inspire by, and definitely for, vapors and vaporists, respectively. ENJOY Image Courtesy of


Seattle isn't nearly the largest city in the United States, but curlturally it could be among the most diverse. The last twenty years especially have seen growth in Seattle's level of diversity like few other cities in America. There are cultures

Firefly Vaporizer

It's clear to most by now that vapors inspire greatness on all levels and in all areas of life, and one perfect example of this is the new Firefly Vaporizer.